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Meet Ed, a dedicated native of New Orleans. He's been a driving force in the substance use disorder field for over 35 years, transforming Odyssey House Louisiana into a renowned treatment program. Now, as State Representative, Ed aims to apply his expertise and passion for public health, crime reduction, and equitable healthcare to serve and strengthen his community, ensuring a brighter future for all of Louisiana.

Proudly Representing the Spirit of New Orleans: A Leader Committed to Louisiana's Progress and Resilience!

Hi everyone! I’m Ed!

A native of New Orleans, my NOLA roots run deep. My grandparents started one of the first radio stations in New Orleans; its call letters were WJBW, which has since transitioned into WBOK. My father grew up in radio and television, working in that field for most of his life before becoming involved with real estate. Eventually his forays in real estate led him working with Popeyes Fried Chicken when they only had 5 stores. He was vice president in charge of real estate for Popeyes for many years and my brother is still involved with the franchise to this day.


My college years led me to California, where I graduated from John F. Kennedy University with a B.A. in psychology and an M.A. in clinical psychology with a concentration in substance use disorders, criminal justice population and cognitive behavioral science. Among my more notable career roles in the California area were as a Director of Correctional Treatment Services, responsible for implementation and all operational aspects of criminal justice treatment projects for nine states, and a Program Officer for The Charles and Helen Schwab’s Family Foundation, where I was responsible for the design, startup, implementation and management of the substance use initiatives of Charles and Helen Schwab’s family foundation.


I have been responsible for the implementation and operations of over 46 treatment programs during my 35+ year tenure in the substance use disorder field. It is my experience within the nonprofit sector that has instilled my passion for helping people and being proactive about finding solutions that help solve complex, multi-facetted issues, such as public health, crime reduction, and access to equitable healthcare.

In January 2005, I moved home to New Orleans to live in my childhood home in District 91 and become a caregiver to my ailing father. At this same time, I accepted a position as CEO of the local behavioral healthcare nonprofit, Odyssey House Louisiana (OHL), and ever since have been building on the 50-year legacy of Odyssey House while also expanding its outreach and services to the community. Since 2005, I have helped OHL grow from a small, 61-bed treatment program with a $1.2 million budget to a multi-program social service agency that treats over 2,000 people per month with an annual budget of $35 million. Services include medically assisted detox, short-term and long-term adult inpatient care, intensive outpatient with long-term housing services, two Federally Qualified Health Centers that provides primary care and behavioral health care, sober living and other housing assistance, and case management services. Due to its encompassing system of care, OHL has been recognized statewide and nationally as model treatment program. It is Odyssey House’s philosophy to treat the whole person, and I’d like to apply that to a much larger scale as a public servant, helping ALL of Louisiana as State Representative.


I have served on multiple advisory and research panels in several states over my career, overseeing numerous reports related to policy recommendations to establish responsive systems that implement best practices based on sound research; strategies to reduce the cost and suffering of drug and alcohol addiction and expand the quality and quantity of treatment; and, ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of state programs. Currently, I serve as Secretary/Treasurer and founding member of the Coalition of Louisiana Addictive Service and Prevention Providers (CLASPP), a statewide provider association developed to provide a voice from addiction treatment providers. I am also currently the President of Treatment Communities of America (TCA), a national consortium of over 600 programs sites providing an array of integrated behavioral health services. On an international level, I represent Odyssey House as a member of the Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs, which is a vital link between civil society and UN agencies, and as a member of World Federation of Therapeutic Communities (WFTC), an international association with the goal of uniting and supporting the broad global Therapeutic Community (TC) movement worldwide. I have also worked internationally for many years with Global Livingston Institute, helping to create free concerts in East Africa centered around promoting HIV testing and connection to medication and health services. This combined experience has helped guide my priority issues and spurned ideas for legislative policies I’d like to see enacted when I take public office.


My responsibilities of program design and implementation and overall management of staff, resources and fiscal health have prepared me to help grow and strengthen New Orleans and our shared community. I know it’s a big job, but I’m up for the challenge and the responsibility.


Public policy and grassroots advocacy have long been central to my life, both personally and professionally. Over the course of my career, I have served on multiple advisory and research panels in several states, overseeing numerous reports related to policy recommendations establish responsive systems that implements best practices based on sound research, strategies to reduce the cost and suffering of drug and alcohol addiction and expand the quality and quantity of treatment, and ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of state programs. This policy work has extended nationally and even internationally, including working with United Nations-related organizations. I have followed and worked within the legislative process for many years and I’m excited to turn this passion into progress for our city. On a more personal note, I have two beautiful daughters, a treasured fiancé, and a menagerie of animals, including my rescued stray dog, Buddy Guy; my cat, Gato; and, two adopted pets (dog Jack and cat Sheng) that I took in when one of my sisters unexpectedly passed. I have a habit of purchasing vintage cars that often spend more time in the repair shop then on the road. I love staying active in the local New Orleans community, participating in numerous parade krewes and proudly owning a full array of costumes and wigs to wear to any event. One of my most prized possessions is my annual Jazz Fest Brass Pass. I am involved in multiple local krewes and have been in more parades than I can remember (and more than my costume closet can stand).

I recognize that I may not have all the answers, but I am passionate about New Orleans and I want to see it improve, prosper, and reach its full potential as the greatest city in the world. I want to listen to my community and I want to serve it as well. I look forward to representing District 91 and helping to build a better Louisiana.

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