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Key Issues


As a State Representative, he plans to champion legislative policies that address complex, multi-faceted issues, such as public health, crime reduction, and access to equitable healthcare, with the goal of building a better Louisiana for all its residents. With Ed's passion, expertise, and commitment to serving his community, he is poised to bring positive change and progress to District 91 and beyond.

Crime Reduction

New Orleans has earned the reputation as one of the most violent cities in the nation with its murder per capita rates consistently ranking among the country’s highest. The drug trade is a clear leading contributor to the crime in the city; however, historically legal sanctions have focused solely on reducing the supply of drugs by punishing the drug seller and user, which has proven ineffective at best, and ignores the larger issue of rampant drug use and increasing demand. Worsened by the burgeoning opioid crisis and now greatly compounded by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, our foe is no longer just simply a dealer or a gang, but a network of modern medicine that fosters addiction. A demand reduction model that links prevention providers, treatment services, the criminal justice system, and the community at large could effectively reduce the violent crime and recidivism rates in New Orleans. I believe I can create legislation that can reduce crime by 30% by taking this approach. To learn more about this topic and solutions that I think could bring about substantial change, access my white paper here.

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